Corporations, boards of directors, officers and consultants are, more than ever, impacted by a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape. Zambelli Tassetto advises corporations, executives and directors with respect to these critical issues, however, a significant component of our practice involves handling the defence of corporations and individuals under criminal and regulatory investigation, especially in relation to corporate, planning, health and safety and environmental matters. We have developed a specific expertise in the so-called “Legislative Decree 231/2001 proceedings”, regarding the responsibility of corporate entities for crimes committed by their members.

Knowing that most clients prefer to arrange their affairs to avoid litigation or regulatory scrutiny, Zambelli Tassetto frequently provides support to clients in developing policies, programs and controls that meet and exceed the latest standards set by legislators and regulators (of particular significance are compliance documents addressing potential liability in respect of Legislative Decree 231/2001 proceedings). In this respect preventive criminal liability assessment may prove crucial (also in the context of the evaluation and due diligence preceding mergers and acquisitions).