Manufacturing, distribution and commerce remain the backbone of the Italian economy.

Our commercial practice services the day-to-day legal needs of numerous large, mid-size and small businesses, and governmental entities. This representation is varied in scope and complexity and includes general advice with respect to contracts and disputes as well as advice in complex commercial and corporate transactions.

Much of our commercial work has an international dimension. We act for multi-national organisations and institutions, corporations and individuals. Our services range from providing specialist Italian advice to our international clients and clients of other international law firms to co-ordinating advice for our clients across multiple jurisdictions. Our firm’s independence means that our clients receive a service that is tailor made to their specific requirements.

With our international outlook and expertise in business law, we strive to deliver the best solutions to achieve the client’s strategic, commercial and business goals. In particular we advise on the following:

  • National and international commercial contract.
  • Commercial joint ventures, collaboration and partnering arrangements.
  • Supply, distribution and agency arrangements.
  • Sale and purchase terms and conditions.
  • Consumer contracts.
  • Professional services agreements (such as the use of consultants).
  • Transport, logistics and warehousing services agreements.
  • Services agreements.
  • Data Protection and Privacy (compliance, data protection audits and “dawn raids”).


We are able to afford our clients the advantages of an interdisciplinary practice, which enable us to provide effective advice on all the different facets of any specific industry. In addition, should the need arise, our firm handles a wide array of matters for parties in a variety of industries which need to be settled through litigation or arbitration. We also engage in various forms of alternative dispute resolution. We help our client arrange their affairs to reduce their exposure to risks and to identify and manage risks that cannot be avoided. Finally, since data protection and privacy has become an increasingly challenging management issue for all businesses, we assist with the compliance with Italian data protection legislation and in dealing with the Italian Data Protection Authority.